Books, History, Food, Politics, and Life

Books, History, Food, Politics, and Life
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

I am Thankful for my family.
I am Thankful for my husband.
I am Thankful for the few true friends I have.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wanted to expand upon our confusions
Yet the screen in front of me is some jumbled  collection of words
and they reach out with brittle fingers and air and life sunk away 
There is a pain behind my head.  It unsettles me like the pain that perpetuates in an
ongoing rhythm to which I know I dare not want to hear.
I am terrified, stuck in this medicated state where the words I type are never clear
nor even visible to my eyes.
Yet... I want someone, somehow to understand when the cloud its and the level of disorientation  that champions my thoughts
 from that moment onward.
I wish so much to possess the ability in these last minutes of lucidity as my eyes start to battle with my body as things shut down so express my gratitude....and the necessity if your existence in my life.
My rock...
I cannot even see the words I am typing.  they saunter around my brain,dancing in silks and satins with oblong masked faces laughing as I wonder confused....wanting to reach you, wanting you to hold to me and make me feel save and wanted, even though you have pushed me away, into the disillusions shadows that are tearing my mind asunder.  

Friday, November 5, 2010

People make me so angry sometimes...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Politics and Ideals

I have been very quiet the last few days in regards to the elections.  There is a part of me that stands dumbfounded at how easily the citizens of this country can be duped by people who play a patriotic song, tell some yarn about days gone by, and press vehemently falsehoods to convince an unknowing American public to vote against their own interests.
Over 90% of the Country who voted on the 2nd of November cited the economy as their biggest issue and so many riled up "activists" walk around with racist and hate-filled signs about Hitler, Muslims, and "God Hates Fags" thinking their sacred moral country has been ripped from them win in fact, they have seemingly no morality, as they press their judgment and hatred onto the rest of the population.
Taxed Enough Already?
How about the 2% of the country who don't create jobs who are now holding onto over 80% of the wealth, while there are some who are working minimum wage jobs, suffering on assistance or cannot get it, and they are breaking under the pressure of this corporate run, capitalistic society?
IN truth, your taxes haven't gone up... at all... you have credits and such that enabled you to save on taxes which started with Bush and continue through Obama, now... and only now are those tax cuts about to expire.  And with a realization that our deficit is more than we can handle, the same people who have got you shouting Taxed Enough Already, are refusing to work with many House and Senate democrats on an extension of the tax breaks for Middle and Lower class (about 300,866,419 people), while letting the tax breaks on the highest 2% of our country... 2%... which is about 6 million people expire.   Because they do not want to bend, they would rather have the rest of the country suffer.  Because they say their main agenda is getting Obama out of office, they would let over 300 million Americans take a burden they may not be able to bear.  
Why would the Poor and Middle class vote against their own interests?  Well, people like our new Kentucky rep Rand Paul says, there is no rich or poor in America... LOL  In truth, they are told, spoon fed, that the rich... create jobs.
Well, I am sure multi-conglomerate corporations create jobs, but one single person does not... and with some of these corporations citing record profits, why are we at a 10% unemployment rate?  Well, some of these guys are creating jobs, in 3rd world countries where they can get cheap labor.  And whenever they tout that the Government cannot create jobs, I would invite them to Warner Robins and try to disprove that the Government does create jobs.

IN truth, you tell people the scary other is going to come and take away what makes them comfortable, and they behave out of fear...regardless of the facts like...

the bailout has been paid back (with interest)
the heath care bill hasnt even gone into effect yet...
Obama is NOT a muslim
Obama IS an American Citizen
Obama and all LIberals are NOT Marxist Communists
and Gays wont destroy your life if they can be married.
You have the lowest taxes in decades
and the RICH are getting richer while the poor cannot pay the rent.

these are facts.

SO yea, the election disgusted me, but ... whatever... 
I just hope people wake up before its too late.