Books, History, Food, Politics, and Life

Books, History, Food, Politics, and Life
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Sunday, June 29, 2014


I know anxiety plays a huge part in how things affect me, but I swear sometimes we just cannot get ahead....
Of course the week we are supposed to drive to Florida for a MUCH needed weekend away... a tire is messed up and will cost us 120 dollars we do not have...drives me insane.

I just want a break, just a few weeks without a crisis.

I am organizing my books to stay calm, this really has just messed up my entire day. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Busy Summer

I always have this false idea that the Summer will be less busy (LOL).  With a very energetic toddler and working on a few projects (mainly PhD app process), I am pretty busy.  After some setbacks with the safety of the neighborhood and an admitted drop in confidence when walking alone, today we did our first walk without driving to the Trail about two miles away. We did two miles with no incidents.  I felt a bit silly at first carrying the pepper spray, but I will admit I was not nearly as nervous when yay!  (Although I am still searching for a good 2nd hand treadmill)

Aiden's Summer Reading is progressing.  I know, I know... seventeen months old, but I want him to love reading as I do and you know, gotta start the brainwashing young.  We've read sixteen books since starting the program at the library in Warner Robins on 5/29 and that includes 3 chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (our second run on the series).  He's begun this cute little process of finding a book on his bookshelf (half of his books stay on the floor these days), climbing into my rocking chair in his room, and "reading" his books out loud with the most adorable baby gibberish on earth.  I wonder what his version of the stories are, I imagine they are fascinating. 

I am still attempting to find healthy/easy recipes for dinner... cooking is such a chore these 6 Adam and I are both exhausted, its hot, and we just do not have the energy to cook some complicated healthy meal... and I do not think our trip to Nu Way Wednesday night counts as healthy meal choices.  I know I am working out a ton, but it does no good if he and I eat crud.  Aiden eats this amazingly healthy diet...maybe I should just eat cut up fresh fruit like he does LOL.

I made two jars of fresh pickles yesterday...they are semi-healthy if you do not count all the salt right???  ;) 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Everyone is Outraged on the Internet

Before I preach... I am guilty too because I've raged against the machine quite a few times on the internet...hell I there.


So I've seen this a few times now and its just dumb, I am sorry.

The Disney movie Frozen does not promote lesbianism just because the characters are not saved by men.

its 2014 people.

I love my husband, I do...he is amazing, I adore him, he is a wonderful father and I could not imagine my life without him, but that is because I love him as a person, NOT because I need a man to function.

Did I mention it was 2014.

So what a character didn't end up with the guy she met the day before and live happily ever after... So what a girl actually fixed an issue on her own.

Wolstonecraft's Vindication of the Rights of Women  was written in 1792...its time the rest of the damned world caught up.

I had someone once tell me it was nice that my husband "allowed" me to get an education.
little do they know.....