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Books, History, Food, Politics, and Life
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Oh boy... I have left you in the dark...

I have a good excuse, to some extent, as to why my blog posts have become fewer and fewer ... ok non-existent over the past few months.  The word busy cannot aptly describe my state.  To be honest... I have embarked on starting grad school, still attempting to work, and deciding to have a baby.  This takes up a lot time, those three things combined because my health does not always cooperate.  We have not taken any epic trips, those are actually on hiatus so we can save up money, which is the responsible and smart thing to do...though we are itching to get out of the US again, hop on a plane and go somewhere amazing.  I think one of the reasons Adam and I are so great together is we think on the same wavelength about those sorts of things and both of us feel better when we travel.  We long to do it as much as possible and when we don't get to... something is missing.  
But, with a baby on the way and my grad school sinking all our funds... it will be worth it in the end to put things on hold.
I promise I will write more.