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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Bru Joy Citrus Press

As a family that loves all different types of foods...we use a great deal of citrus in our cooking and baking. Almost every recipe we make has a lemon or lime in it and we rely on fresh juice for all our those store bought juices taste odd and do not offer the same flavor profiles.

That being said...we need a citrus press that can stand up to the task of consistent use and wear and tear.

About two years ago we bought one of those fancy all plastic citrus presses from a kitchen supply store and we loved the press, but it broke easily because of the consistent use and so I wanted something that lasted longer and still provided the same quality of juice extraction.

Product Information:
The Bru Joy Citrus Press
Price: $18.95 with free two-day shipping for Prime customers at

1. I love that the Bru Joy Citrus Press is all metal. This sturdy and strong aluminum device ensures that the press will not break under pressure at the joints, as many of the plastic models do.  I feel like I can put on a great deal of pressure without worrying about damaging the press! 

2. The Unique two bowl design enables you to get the most juice out of a slice of fruit and you do not have to rely on the small and ripe varieties, you can use larger citrus pieces in the press and still produce great juice amounts...saving you time and money.

3. The metal body is also very easy to clean... it wipes off in a flash and is great in a dishwasher.

Overall I found this device to be strong and effective, I definitely think it is leagues above any of the plastic presses out there.

Here is a video of me using the press

This was a product test. In exchange for my honest and unbiased review of the Bru Joy Citrus Press, I received the item at no cost, but I was not paid in any way for this review. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Using Lemon Essential Oils to Brighten Up the House

Today I will be taking a look at Lalune Naturals Lemon Essential Oil and discussing how I tested it, what worked best and what did not work at all....

Lemon essential oil has a few great uses that I found really beneficial and Lalune's oil is highly concentrated and made of strong stuff... 
Here are my thoughts...

Product Information:

LaLune Naturals Essential Lemon Oil
4 0z bottle 
Cost: $ 13.95 with free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime customers at
     The oil comes with a great dropper and an electronic recipe book with suggestions on how to use the oil. This book is pretty handy.

1. as a cleaner:
    I am a clean freak and I want my house smelling good and without dirt and dust... I am constantly cleaning my kitchen and although I am fond of bleach, my husband is not... so I look for other pleasing smell opportunities and this oil REALLY does boost home made cleaning solutions. Mixing a dropper full of this with a vinegar and water base cleans surfaces and freshens a room.  

2. As a room freshener:
     This is my favorite use for the oil. I have a few oil infusers throughout the house and adding this to my burner just brightened the entire house with only a few drops...the greatest part, is the fragrance is in no way overpowering. You can smell the lemon and freshness in the air, but it is not a wave of scent. Thus, your home just smells bright and clean.

3. exfoliate:
     If you are going to use this on your skin DILUTE DILUTE DILUTE... a tiny amount goes a long way. to use it on your skin I would mix it with another neutral oil base or water.  If you want to use it as a fragrance or hair astringent, these also would work well...but again, dilute this heavily, because it is strong and can really agitate sensitive skin.  I thought I would try three drops in a bath, and it burnt my skin... lesson learned. I did though dilute it with water and use it as a body freshener spray, and found that to be lovely and again... fresh and clean.  

Overall... I think the oil is strong, of high quality, and great for household cleaners and to freshen up a room.

This was a product test. The makers of the lemon oil provided a free sample of this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Product Test: Greenwald's Window and Glass Cleaner Kit

The Greenwald's Window and Glass Cleaner Kit is composed of concentrated packets of solution that you dissolve in water instead of purchasing multiple bottles of windex.  The Bottle is quite large and the process is simple.  At $19.95 with free two-day shipping if purchased on, I wanted to see if the concentrated kit worked better and saved money.
Here are my observations.

Product: Greenwald's Window and Glass Cleaner Kit

This kit contains:  a 32 Ounce Spray Bottle and six solution packets that dissolve in water.
Price: $19.99 for the entire kit which makes six 32 ounce bottles of cleaner.
You can purchase refill packs of 6 for $17.95 through as well and so here is your cost breakdown.

The Initial Kit -  $3.33 a bottle
The Refills -  $3.00 a bottle

Compared to a 32 ounce bottle of windex:
target: 26 oz - $3.13
walmart: 32 oz - $3.12
amazon: 32 oz - $8.95

So for a simple cost savings, you may not save very much on your first kit... but buying replacement kits would save you even against the bargain discount stores.  On the other hand, there are generic and dollar brand versions out there that are cheaper. 

How does it work:

1. I found making the cleaner easy. You simply drop in the solution packet, fill the bottle with water, wait a minute, and are done and you have cleaner.

2. The bottle is great, it creates a very strong stream and I love the sturdy bottle... it was probably my favorite thing about the cleaner. The bottle is made to last, you can refill it with ease, and it has a strong and steady stream of cleaner.

3. I found that the cleaner did  a good job on my glass topped stove. The stove was dirty when I tested it and it was able to get up all the dried food and leave the stove top shining and very clean... overall it did a great job.

Complete observations:
I do not think I would buy this cleaner simply based off of its money saving possibilities, it is only a few cents in the end...but the bottle is amazing and the level of clean the solution produced, I really liked.  The bottle and efficiency of the cleaner combined made the Greenwald kit worth the money.

If you would like to get the kit for yourself CLICK HERE

Here is a video of my results:

This was a product test. I agreed to review Greenwald's Window and Glass Cleaner Kit and provide an honest and unbiased review without payment. The product was provided to me for free.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Beautonics Eyelash Serum Review

Today I will be reviewing Eyelash Serum by Beautonics

I found the product to be effective and easy to use.

All you have to do to get thicker and longer lashes is apply the serum to your clean face each day (I tend to do it at night after removing my makeup).

1. The application is simple and easy to add to your daily beauty routine.
2. I found I had no eye irritation from application.
3. Within a few weeks my lashes felt thicker and looked healthier. 

 Product Information:
Beautonics Eyelash Serum
$35.00 with free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime customers at
Get it HERE
This product was provided for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

My Dogs' Hair Has Taken Over... It Is Summer

We have two indoor dogs.
A four year old boxer that goes by the name of Lizzie and a eight year old mini schnauzer by the name of Snook.  They both shed... a lot and in the summer it is a huge problem.
There is dog hair on the furniture, the floor, our clothes, everywhere... and so we need a lint and hair remover that does not pull punches and is strong.  We buy those roll lint removers often, but they do not last long.

The folks at Furzie have developed a pretty effective lint remover that does a great job and is reusable, cleanable, and will not run out or contribute to waste.

Here is my Review of their product:

1. The brush is very strong. It is made of a solid plastic that will hold up to rough usage, storage, and drops. The design is also very well done. First, the handle has convenient grips and this allows for the user to brush upholstery with vigor and this enables you to remove pesky lint and pet hair from couches, chairs, and other types of furniture.

2. The Bristles are strong, but gentle. I am able to scrub a chair, but also clean a delicate silk curtain or get pet hair off a nice shirt. I like the versatile nature of this product because I will not need two different lint removers for strong and delicate fabrics.

3. It is cleanable. All you have to do is rinse this brush off and it is ready to go again. I really like this because it does not contribute to unnecessary waste that hurts our environment and it saves you money by not having to buy expensive rollers week after week.

4. It is affordable for what it is. I consider this a multi-tool. It does more than one thing because it can easily clean the pet hair off of a variety of surfaces without hurting it, thus... something like this is a steal at $19.99.

 Product Information:

The Lint Remover by Furzie
Price: $19.99 with free two day express shipping for all amazon Prime members at

This product was provided to me without cost in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

They Make Silicone Wine Glasses??? Yes... Yes they do! PRODUCT REVIEW

Ok I love wine.  I love going outdoors and I love grilling and sometimes those three things do not mix. 
Until NOW!

The guys at Jokel found a way to make wine glasses that do not break and have a frosted and understated appearance. 

Product Info:
Jokel silicone wine glasses, set of four.
Price: $24.98 a set with free two-day shipping for all Amazon Prime customers at
Click HERE to check them out

I found these glasses to be great for outdoors cooking or camping. They hold up to 12 ounces of liquid and are pliable. They will not shatter if dropped and they clean very easily with a sponge or in the dishwasher. The glasses are made out of BPA free food-grade level silicone, which makes them easy to use, wash, and store because they collapse easily. They are also great for not only wine....but soda, juice, beer, and any other cold beverage. 
I found them to be very vearsatile and I used them for an outdoor grilling weekend.

These glasses were provided to me by the makers in exchange for an honest and unbiased product test and review.  I was not paid for this review. 

A Story About Tweezers, A Product Review, and A Contest

I have a love / hate relationship with tweezers. Either the ones I buy are too dull, the wrong kind, or when I finally get a pair I enjoy...they disappear. 

I use tweezers for my eyebrows and facial hair. I have this one hair, on my chin (no judgment) and it has to go to second it emerges and thus I need a pretty sharp and strong set of tweezers to do those tiny hair jobs because I cannot wait for the hair to grow long enough to use a dull or basic pair.  With my eyebrows, I am not skilled... I just keep them managed and again, I need something that is going to have the ability to get to hairs when they are tiny and thin.

The folks at 42 Bees sent me a pair of their .4mm fine tipped slanted tweezers to try and I am in love.

These tweezers are great.  They successfully grab onto the tiniest hairs and pull them out without much effort. I found they worked perfect with my eyebrows and the grooming brush at the end of the tweezers helps in a big way.

These tweezers are tight, very sharp, and filed with the right measure for a good gripping, strong tip.  They are stainless steel and do not feel flimsy or poorly made.

Product Info:
Professional Slant Tip .4mm Tweezers by 42 Bees
Price: $7.42 with free two day shipping for Prime members at
Click here to check them out!!

These tweezers are a great bargain and unless they get lost in the abyss of all other good personal care Items that disappear, they will be my go to tweezers from now on.

Would you like to win your own set of these amazing tweezers, please visit my facebook post regarding it and just like or comment on the post to be entered! 

The professional slant tip tweezers were provided to me for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of the product. I was not paid for this review. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Product Review: Uni Agran Oil

Even those of us with the oiliest of hair sometimes need to treat, especially if we chemically alter our hair with dyes or get out in the sun during the Summer...and I do both.
I have always shied away from oil treatments because I worried that with hair already prone to oily behaviors, an oil treatment would leave me with a sticky and dirty looking mess on top of my head.

The folks at Uni sent me some of their 100% pure Moroccan Agran oil to sample and I used it as a weekly hair treatment on my scalp and ends. Here are my observations.

I found the oil to be very thick and tactile, not sticky, but very a little can go a long way. I used my fingers to spread the drops into my scalp and hair ends once a week in order to counteract the effects of chemical treatments and sun exposure.

I left the oil on for fifteen minutes without any covering on my hair or heat. 

I usually would shower and wash my hair after the treatment, not leaving it in over the fifteen minutes.

My results were nice. I found my hair to be soft, more manageable and without any oil residue persisting after the wash.  Over a few treatments, my hair felt more healthy and had more body than usual. 

The oil is also certified as 100% USDA organic, which I found great... no unmentioned chemicals sneaking into my hair.
The product information also suggests using the oil on your skin and cuticles, but I have not tried those options because my skin is very sensitive and prone to breakouts.

Overall I really enjoyed the oil, a few drops go a long away and the 2 oz bottle is economical and cheaper than other brands.

Product Info: 

Uni 100% Pure Moroccan Agran Oil
Price: $12.97 with free two-day shipping on

This oil was provided as a free product to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Product Test: Carpet Afterlife

We have a toddler and pets... our carpet goes through the mill on a consistent basis.
Today I tested Carpet Afterlife and found that the product DOES indeed help remove most, but not all pesky stains.

Here are my thoughts:

1. The bottle has a very efficient and easy flow spray mechanism, I found it easy to saturate the affected area for cleaning.

2. The bottle has easy to use instructions for maximum effect.

3. There is no harsh chemical smell with Carpet Afterlife. While there is a slight smell, it does not in any way feel overpowering and I found that I felt safe using it in my son's play area. 

4. The product is quite effective on recent stains. I tested the Carpet Afterlife on some dirt stains in my living room and they came up with ease, leaving no residue or trace of stain.  I was very pleased with the outcome. For older stains, I did not have as positive of a result. The pet stain I attempted to work on remained after one treatment, but it was considerably lighter. If I ever manage to remove it, I will update this. This product contains biological enzymes that especially work hard on pet odor. Now, I did find that very effective and found pet scents were gone from areas I treated with the liquid.

Overall I found Carpet Afterlife to deliver on its promises with the bonus of not having an overly chemical smell. The product contains enzymes, so this helps get rid of odor even if the visible stain still remains (again...very old stain).

32 oz bottle
Price: $19.99 with free two-day shipping for Prime members through

This was a product test and the Carpet Afterlife was sent to me by the maker for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of the product. I was not paid for this review. 

Xtreme Mobile Home/Office Wall Surge Protector with USB Review

We live in an electronic age where the standard wall outlet does not fit the needs of most families. My house has laptops, e-readers, tablets, phones, and a variety of other devices that need USB support and multiple outlets to charge and instead of having things scattered all over the house, it would be amazing to have ONE place to put everything and one area to charge all devices without a mess of wires littering the house.

The folks at Xtreme have the answer. A six outlet surge protector that includes two USB ports. The device is quite simple to install, it actually took me longer to remove the wall plate than it did to install and screw in the protector and replacing two outlets with six and USB ports is fantastic. 

The device has six three-pronged outlets with child safety features where you can slide over a cover and block the outlets from little exploring hands. It also includes two USB outlets on the bottom of the device.
It has 300 joules of power and the USB ports are 2.1A compatible. 
The device has a grounded and surge protector indicator lights to show protection. 
It works great, even with all items plugged in.

Product Info:
Xtreme Surge Protector with six outlets and two USB ports
Price: $12.99 with free two-day shipping for Prime members at

This product was provided to me at no cost for testing purposes in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I would like to thank the makers of the Xtreme Mobile/Home Office Wall Surge Protector for this opportunity.