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Books, History, Food, Politics, and Life
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The wind ushered in a chill
Whispering across the empty streets
Caressing the leaves of moving trees
Lingering, the hand of winter remains.

Remnants of early bloomers fall
Defeated to the cold earth
Bits of dirt and dead grass
Mingle with the crimson petals

I find myself longing for spring
Aching for the warmth of the sun
Recoiling from the icy pangs
As winter hovers over, unmoving

Tendrils of smoke glide by
Leaving paths of ash behind
Along with the scent of clove
Comforting with thoughts of warmth

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ivory Tower...

I was told today that I need to get out of my ivory tower and live in the blood and beer.  I don't really comprehend what it means, but it was one of those breaking point moments where I realize the failings of something like facebook.  Someone who knew me oh, 14 years ago... does not know me now and cannot really know me just because they take a gander at my facebook every now and again and get into an argument with me about my beliefs.
I can be elitist to some degree... I do not believe in debasing myself or my beliefs by spiraling down into a name calling diatribe to get my point across.  If that is elitist, so be it.  I will proudly wear that name.  What will end up is that I post more on here and less on facebook about things I am passionate about.

The Lost Art of Friendship

I can be overwhelmingly old fashioned.  Funny as it is, with my multiple computers, gaming systems, high tech gadgets covering the house... there are parts of my personality which hearken back to (as much as I hate to admit it) a "simpler time" as it were.  Perhaps I am the epitome of that character in so many 19th century novels which fills her heads with books and creates this ideal of people that in the end, is too much for any common person to handle.  At the same time, I also believe that somewhere in the realm of humanity, there are others like me who have standards, which while are very high... have merit and value.  
My first encounter with it had to be Little Women or  Anne of Green Gables...  the idea of the bosom friend, the kindred spirit...the other half of the whole in friendship who, regardless of the obstacles or the odds...would cherish you as a friend and be there no matter what...  It is an utterly romantic notion.  Beth and Jo... Anne and Diana and later in my life... Jane Eyre and Helen Burns... a bond, a closeness that was without obstacle, no matter how harsh the consequences, friendship for them meant everything and they would risk life and limb to protect the other.

I've never had one of those friends.  It's some sort of romantic fantasy at this point.  Now, I don't truly count family in this... my husband and I are more times than not...two peas in a pod, but he is my husband and bias.  LOL.  As I get older though, I realize I have fewer and fewer friends.  This is a personal choice, I think I have stopped caring to put on appearances to make people happy... I am who I am, flaws and all, I am pig headed, strong willed, emotional, outspoken, slightly selfish, a bit haughty, and... relentless, but I am me and if you can't accept me for all of it, then what is the point anyway?  

I think, truly though...there is once incident that really solidified it for me... and it was a very long time ago and since then, I've had this view of friendship unbending...that if you cant stick your neck out for your might as well not be their friend at all.

I was in middle school, a shy, unsure of myself and awkward girl of 13 who was highly intelligent for my age but not as much emotionally developed.  My parents put me in a private middle school which was the worst fit possible for me...not very academic, focused on sports and status and with a high level of what we would now call the "redneck" factor... uncultured, I stuck out like a sore thumb.  I tried now.. I became a cheerleader, I ran track, I played no avail.  No boys liked me, I got kicked in class by other kids, picked on, and shunned.  I had one school friend who had also come over with me from Elementary school, we were close friends... we still talk now... she lived right down the road... but we weren't close friends at school.  She would always tell me we could hang out at her house but not at school...she didn't want her friends to give her a hard time for hanging out with me.  So... there were parties I wasn't invited to, things I got left out of and yet, I stayed a loyal and good friend... because we hung out constantly at her house or mine...away from school of course.

Years later... a more confident person... I would have never even allowed for such a slight, if someone doesn't want to be my friend 24/7....then they are not worth it.  But... I now hold people to pretty rigid standards.  If you cant be there when its easy and when its hard, then I would rather not have you there at all.   I want the true friends... the Diana Barrys, the Jo Marchs, and the Helen Burns of the world.... 


I shouldnt argue on the internet, I should know better...
Im starting to hate people.