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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Product Review: The Cloud Yoga Mat By PeakFulfillment

I love to exercise. With a stressful schedule and the continuous on the go pace of my life, it can become difficult to fit a workout in, but it keeps me sane and it is a must.
On top of an insane schedule....I have rheumatoid arthritis and because of this, high intensity workouts are a problem. Because of all of this, it is easy to fit a nice, relaxing, but helpful yoga routine into my daily efforts to stay in shape and remove stress.

When doing yoga, I have two requirements of a good mat... I want something that is very soft (because of the joint discomfort that comes with RA) and I would like something that is extremely it is almost daily that I have a toddler who also loves playing with said yoga mat and can put one through its paces rather quickly. Two yoga mats have met an early demise because of said toddler. 

As you can see, the toddler takes the mat quite often
 The folks at Peak Fulfillment let me try out one of their new memory foam technology yoga mats and I am completely in love....they sent me a mat to test and provide an honest and unbiased review.  Here is a little bit about my experience. 

The Cloud Yoga Mat by Peak Fulfillment
Price: $34.95 with free two-day shipping for all Prime customers at 
Get Your Mat Here!
If you have any questions about my experiences with the mat that I do not cover during this review, please email me HERE

1. I found the mat to be soft and thick. The length at 76 inches is amazing and thus the mat gives you an incredible amount of space to work in with an 8mm thickness that feels as if you are working on a sturdy pillow. This was very helpful to me because of my joint issues, so this would be a great mat for people with joint or muscle pain who still like to do some low impact activities. 

2. The mat is very well made and thick (as I said before). This makes it sturdy and long lasting. I believe this mat will stand up better to constant use and travel.  Some of the less expensive and thinner mats do not last long and have to be replaced quickly. I do not think this will be the case with the Peak Fulfillment mat. It is not overly hefty, but it is not light either and thus it stands up to constant use. Furthermore, as a mother of a toddler who loves when I put a yoga mat stands up fine to Toddler abuse lol. 

Ultimately, this is a high quality, extra long, very soft, but sturdy mat that provides an excellent amount of workspace for someone who enjoys yoga and other floor exercises. I found that the mat was so comfortable and thick that a yoga towel was not needed, it stands up well to use and abuse, the mat is easy to roll up, carry, and transport with its handy and sturdy strap...and it is great for people who have joint and muscle pain issues. 

If you are looking for a new yoga mat and you want something soft, comfortable, but able to withstand tons of use... check out the Cloud Yoga Mat by  Peak Fulfillment!  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Product Review: Andre Lorent

It is our ultimate goal to look as young as we feel right? Or on the days when we feel ugh!, to still look young and fantastic.  I know there is this whole thing about growing old gracefully, and I just reject it to a point.... now, I am not in line to get botox or go under the knife, but anti-aging facial cream...totally acceptable. 

Today I am going to talk about my experience with Andre Lorent's Crazy Beautiful Face Cream which is an anti-aging and repair cream for your face. It is actually a pretty functional morning and night moisturizer and thus that is how I have used it over the past few weeks and so here are my thoughts and results. 

 The cream boasts a 100% paraben, SLS, and petro-chemical derivatives free formula, which means the cream is safer for the faces of those of us with more sensitive skin, or like me... someone whose skin ignites if anything touches it.  The cream also claims to use a five step process to ensure the maximum anti-aging and repair results by including Matrixyl, Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamins C & E.  This combination produces a soft, easily absorbed, and odorless cream that is easy to apply, easy to use, and that softens your skin. 

Product Information:
Andre Lorent's Crazy Beautiful Face Cream, Anti-Aging Repair Formula
Price: $19.95 with free two-day shipping for all Prime customers at 
Get it HERE 
If you have any questions about my experience with the product, please email me HERE 

Here are My Results:

I found that the cream does a great job of hydrating and keeping my skin tight and so after a week or so of usage, I did begin to notice a difference in the feel of my skin. I was not overly dry or oily and the elasticity in my skin had improved. 
The Makers of the cream encourage the user to apply a coat of the cream in the morning and evening immediately after your morning cleansing routine. I gently worked the cream into my face slowly with each application and used it as the morning and evenings. 
Immediate results include a cream that works dually as a very good moisturizer. I found the Lorent cream enabled me to use it as a beauty cream AND moisturizer, thus making my routine easier and more affordable. The cream has no particular odor, it goes on rather smoothly (though it is if you like thinner moisturizers, just use this as directed as a beauty cream) and it absorbs quickly, meaning no lengthy period of residue. 
Within a few weeks I noticed my fine lines were disappearing, my wrinkles had improved dramatically, and my pores had become smaller as my face appeared smoother. 

Overall I found this cream to be very effective and perfect for people with sensitive skin, as I experienced no irritation during the test period.  After this, I fully intend to use Andre Lorent in the future as part of my regular beauty routine. 
With the Andre Lorent

Without any treatment

This was a product test. The product mentioned above was provided at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I was not paid for this test. 


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Product Review: Peels & Petals Anti-Aging Moisturizer

     Today I am going to be looking at Peels & Petals Anti-Aging Moisturizer with Matrixyl for all skin types. 
 I have tried the moisturizer for almost a month now, so I feel as if I can give a comprehensive and detailed review of its results and how I turned out using it.

First let me give you a rundown of the product, what it promises and its cost and then we will go into how I used it and what results I had.

Product Info: Peels & Petals Anti-Aging Moisturizer 
This product boasts age erasing power thanks to the combination of Matrixyl, Green Tea, and Hyaluronic Acid. The makers also state that this product will contribute to evening the skin tone, leaving the skin well hydrated, and improving skin elasticity.

Price: $29.77 with free two-day shipping for all Prime members at 

The moisturizer is paraben and sulfate free, which makes it gentle and easy to use for all skin types according to the makers and contains a variety of more natural ingredients like witch hazel and shea butter.

If you would like to purchase your own bottle after reading this review CLICK HERE 
If you would like to ask me questions about my personal experience with the product, email me HERE 

My Personal Results

I have two problems with my skin that makes it quite difficult to find a sufficient and well performing moisturizer. First, I have very oily skin and this can cause a huge problem with overly oily moisturizers that leave my skin feeling oily and more prone to breakouts. Second, my skin is ultra sensitive, and at times, is so sensitive that I have to use special soaps just to wash or it will be painful and break-out. With this in mind I always try moisturizers that boast an ease of use for sensitive skin or all skin types so when I read this, I was hopeful, but not expectant...because I am often let down.

1. My oily skin was not a problem with the Peels & Petals moisturizer, it actually worked great and did not leave my skin feeling oily at all. The moisturizer is thicker and absorbs quickly, leaving little to no residue. This means that it does not clog or add to any sort of oil on my face. I found that VERY impressive....I also liked the fresh/clean fragrance.

2. As for my sensitive skin...for the most part, it did not agitate my skin very much or at all. My skin can be more sensitive on some days than others, and there were a few times when I felt a slight bit of agitation from the product after application, but that was not every day and it was not enough to where I felt like I needed to discontinue my usage or that it was the moisturizer itself causing the agitation. Overall, I thought that Peels & Petals stayed true to its promise.

3. My skin felt hydrated and tighter after a few weeks of usage. I will admit I am most impressed with the lack of residue or oily feeling after application with the result of a hydrated face that is not sticky or shiny. I have no skin tone issues, so I cannot speak to dark spot removal or management...but overall I felt this moisturizer did the job and worked rather well.

Peels & Petals is a great product and worth the money....if you are looking for a hydrating and anti-aging cream that does not leave your face oily...this is the one for you.

This is a product test. The makers of this moisturizer provided me a bottle of Peels & Petals at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I was not paid for this review.

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Phone Case That Handles Me

Now I wish I could with all honesty say that I am gentle on my phone...but that would be completely dishonest, a down and dirty lie.
I am HORRIBLE on phones... I drop them, I toss them in my purse, I scrape them... I am a phone demolisher on some occasions.

(We once had to stand in line at an apple store while on vacation because I cracked the back glass of my old phone into pieces while walking through a shopping mall...the apple people were super nice about it though)

I have tried a variety of cases over the time I've owned my iphone6. I like cases that provide security without making my phone 10 times bigger and I think I found the perfect little case with Primed4U's two-layer iphone case. 

The case is gold and black, which I will have to say I did not really love at first, but I have grown to like its toned down look and metallic appearance. It has two layers of protection, a rubbery sleeve that fits over the back of the phone and has a raised bumper and then a metallic plastic layer that adds some protection to the phone along with some color. 

I used the phone case for day to day use and while on vacation to great results.

Product Info:

Primed4U's slim two-layer iphone case in black and champagne
This case fits the iphone6

Price: $14.99 with free two-day shipping for all Prime customers at 
If you have any questions about the case, how it handled, or anything else on this blog, please email me here.

1. I dropped my phone quite a few times while using this case and my phone has remained safe. Furthermore, the case itself has maintained a sturdy appearance and does not have many surface scratches and I have seen no fading in the outer plastic color or discoloration of the rubber inner bumper layer.

2. It is a great deal less expensive than brand name cases while adding the same amount of security and it also has a lifetime garantee.  (awesome!)

For $14.99 this is a great deal.

This was a product test. I was provided this phone case at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
I was not paid for this test.


Product Review: Light Up Charging Cable By

How often do you find yourself at a loss when looking for your spare phone cable? Maybe it is my mom brain or the fact that I am consistently forgetting everything...but this happens to me quite a lot and can become a real problem when my family is heading out on vacation or even a short trip. 
So... I have tons of spare cables lying around the house, but this light up cable is one of the most fun and useful cables I have in my arsenal. 

Here it is:

Product Info:  Light Up Charging Cable by
This cable is for apple products which include the Iphone 5 - the newer models, Newer ipad models with retina display, the air, or the minis, and Ipods that use the smaller charging end.  Note, this has the SMALL charging end, so if you have an older apple product, this cable will not work for you.

Price: $7.95 with free two-day shipping for all prime customers at

Get it HERE 

If you have any questions about this product, feel free to email me HERE 

What I like about this product:

1. The cable lights up and is a quirky way to charge your apple products. The colors are brightest at the two ends of the charger and slowly transform as it is plugged in to a variety of colors...blues, violets, greens...its actually pretty fun to watch.

2. The cable's light up capabilities have also other uses that one may not immediately think about upon first glance. This thing is great in unfamiliar surroundings (like a hotel room during vacations) because it lights up and thus you would be able to easily find your phone in the dark without disturbing someone sleeping in the same room. I recently discovered this bonus during a trip to Disney World and found the cable's light up capabilities to be very useful while also being fun to look at.

3. The cable is very long, a meter long to be exact, and thus is very useful. I like that is it is longer than standard and shorter chargers, which often limit where you can charge your device, I had no such problems with this cable because it enabled me to plug something up and keep it on a surface even if the surface was tall or further away.

4. The cable charged my apple products rather quickly, which I really enjoyed...especially during vacation where short stops to nap also meant short stops to charge dying batteries because of heavy usage of my camera on my phone while in amusement parks. I found that the cable quickly charged both my iphone6 and my ipad mini 3 without any problem.

Overall this is a great and useful cable that has multiple functions while being fun to look at.

This is a review as a result of a product test. This product was provided to me at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
I was not paid for this review.