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Books, History, Food, Politics, and Life
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Battle of Dunlap Hill

I am no way a Civil War buff, I've taken quite a few courses on the war throughout my education, but it is not my chosen field of study and being a Southerner who does not believe in the Lost Cause mentality, I often shy away from it....
BUT, I do enjoy history, I love local history and I really enjoy preserving historical landmarks in my area.
So I volunteer at the Ocmulgee National Monument whenever I get a chance.

Today the Mounds celebrated the 150th anniversary of The Battle of Dunlap Hill and we had camps, cannons, horses... and well lemonade.
It was a good time.

LOOK I even tried to make it LOOK old.  lol 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cheaper Stores

I did what everyone does when they realize they have to cut back on the finances because things are more expensive and switched to two "cheaper" grocery stores.  What did I find?  The food was not as good, the service was horrible, and the prices...were not really cheaper at all.

So originally we shopped at Publix. Publix is a great grocery store (they pay a decent wage for one) and it is never overwhelmingly crowded or really out of anything we need...unlike the other stores we switched to (more about that later).

First.... we switched to Kroger.

Kroger is deceptive in its pricing.  Yes, they have deals like 10 for 10$ and some buy one get one deals a lot, but in the end some of the staples are a bit higher than what we were paying at Publix or...the bigger problems...overcrowded and long lined stores with bad meat, produce, and other perishables. 
         In the three months we shopped at Kroger we dealt with:
                 1. Molded bread
                 2. Bad Yogurt
                 3. Bad Milk
                 4. Rotted fruit
                 5. Out of Date baby food
                 6. Bad Meat
We were also spending an average of 75-80 dollars a week on groceries (we do not bulk buy, use coupons, or buy a lot of frozen things)

Second...after the sixth issue with rotting food at Kroger, we dived into Wal-Mart.

Walmart is a hell on earth, at least the two in my area feel as such.  It is always over crowded, loud, hot, and there are never enough lines open.  Also, the buggies are horrible, most of them have the strap broken on the seat for toddlers and thus we spend 10 minutes looking for a buggy that is functional.  Furthermore...the prices are, like Kroger, deceptive. Milk, Eggs, and Butter are always either higher than Publix or the same price...and those are three of our main purchases every week...  The produce selection is very limited and walmart also has a freshness problem.  The last time we went, I checked some fresh corn to see if it was yellow or white and discovered that was moldy black (we put stuff down and went to Publix). 
We were spending around 85-90 dollars a week at Walmart, I also think that is due to the fact that Walmart is also a department store, but I believe the layout of the store tends to influence a shopper to wander and just pick up random things to buy... things you dont really need.

So....For a few months now we've been back at Publix.
This morning, after a few weeks of vacation (and a very bare pantry and fridge), Aiden and I went grocery shopping and I spent right under 61 dollars....

This is what we purchased.

Please ignore my messy kitchen.

To Sum this Up:
1. Capt Crunch (Publix Brand)                                        12. Tabouli Salad
2. Spaghetti                                                                        13. Strawberries
3. Organic Brown Eggs (dozen)                                      14. Rasberries
4. Chicken Cutlets                                                             15. Bananas
5. Lettuce                                                                            16. A Bell Pepper
6. A Fruit Pouch                                                                17. Canned Green Beans
7. A Salad Cucumber                                                        18. Canned Pineapple
8. A Yellow Squash                                                           19. Canned Fruit Cocktail
9. A Zucchini                                                                      20. Cento Tomatoes
10. Scallions                                                                       21. Baby Carrots
11. Green Beans (fresh)                                                    22. Half and Half

23. Koolaid Packet
24. Frozen Lemonade
25. Yellow Onion
26 Frozen Mac & Cheese
27. Frozen Pasta Shells
28. Smoked Turkey Breast Deli Meat
29. Sliced Sandwich cheese
30. Three Limes
31. Two Red Potatoes
32. A Gallon of Whole Milk
33. Publix Brand Diet Soda
34. Publix Brand Regular Soda.

I did not purchase butter and bread on this trip because we were not out, but they were together.... five dollars  so my total with even those things we did not get, but usually do.... 65 dollars, cheaper than Kroger and Walmart....and look how fresh these items are!

In addition to the money savings...the store is cleaner, the isles are easier to navigate, they have lovely bakery and deli items (oh man fried chicken).... AND they have wonderful and helpful employees who actually get paid a decent wage. 

So... The "Cheaper stores" were not cheaper at all and I am at Publix for good. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

I Like Cities

We are in Atlanta for the weekend with Adam's parents and having a lovely time.
I love the city and I like having a break.

It has been raining this weekend, but that did not stall an enjoyable visit to the zoo, shopping at Whole Foods...and good pizza. 

AND relaxing in a cool porch to read...

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I know it is the small things....
But with a weird walker/runner unfriendly area (lots of busy roads) and really high temp humid heat...the inability to pay for a gym (too expensive) and the closest running trail requiring a drive down the road....
for 75 bucks!

Today I was able to do five miles within the comfort of my home and it was glorious.

I really am serious about getting in better shape and I think this helps, a lot.

now to figure out this fitness ball....