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Books, History, Food, Politics, and Life
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Facebook makes me want to punch walls. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

History Pet Peeve of the Night

Alright slave traders, slave ship captains, and slave owners... you really should not assume you know that a person is better off a slave than in a state of if you knew what it was like to be either. 

First... you are not poor or hungry and thus you do not understand the plight of the poor. were not taken from your home, sold into eternal servitude in a foreign land and forced to endure a long and deadly voyage across the Atlantic in order to become the less than human property of another person...

So... ignorant merchant in Liverpool or equally ignorant slave ship captain... you need to shut your stupid mouth.

Thank you...
Someone almost 300 years in the future. 


Thursday, February 6, 2014

One Example That I Have a Touch of the Crazy.... and how I don't care...

In my youth and I have time to read the magical genre of books called "fiction" I possessed a complete obsession with Vampires.
pre Twilight people... I am old school.

I had dozens and dozens of vampire novels as a kid...yes, as a kid...I was strange, leave me alone.

If there was a novel that had vampires in it during the 90s, I owned it, I probably read it, and I could critique it on command. 

In my senior year of high school a student had to write a research paper for their English course, I wrote mine on the way in which modern fiction treated the myth of the Vampire in comparison to the earlier versions like Dracula or 19th century poems featuring the creature....

So yea... Before Stephanie Meyer even went to college...I was a child obsessed and that is just OK with me...

And I am not going to hate on Twilight, it would be a lie to say I haven't read them, watched the movies...just reveled in the fact that my chosen little obsession from high school became popular for a bit.... but then I read this (shared by Anne Rice)"

Ok let me just say it...
This list is Bullshit. 
It is complete bullshit to be clear.

Lestat 13???? WHAT
Louis...the most insipid whining man child of a vampire...above Lestat... oh WHAT ON EARTH???!!!???

And where is Gary Oldman... WHERE IS GARY OLDMAN?????!!!!!!!!!!

I may seem emotional, but you don't know how many times I watched that amazingly beautiful version of Dracula and thought that Gary Oldman WAS Dracula...he was so painfully wonderful that this day...adore him.

Yes, Eric is cool...YES Damon is amazing... but neither of them hold a candle to Lestat or Dracula (Gary Oldman) and this is a fictional vampire list, not just a portrayed in TV or Movie list...

so WHERE IS MARIUS????????   Where is Zillah from Lost Souls????

This list angered my heart.
and Its not the wine talking....


So...that is my two cents.
And you take a good look at that and you tell all those other vampires to take a hike into a sun filled afternoon of fire water.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Someone Dying Is NOT Funny

Perhaps I am sensitive (I know I am) or a bit more serious than a lot of people I know and while I enjoy social media, there are some characteristics of the thing that kind of truly bother me and that includes a level of distanced insensitivity that people have because of it.

What is this about?
Why is it that when a celebrity dies, someone eventually thinks its quite alright to make some sort of distasteful joke about it?
Why is it funny that someone suffered, that something bad happened, that family and friends are hurt deeply... I don't get it.
It never fails, someone dies (today it was actor Phillip Seymore Hoffman...who I thought was amazing) and within a few hours I see at least one person make some off color remark and it kind of turns my stomach a bit.

Just because someone is famous doesn't make their death any less significant or more significant...someone died, it is sad and people are sad and its not funny, at all.

So anyway...
Its bothersome to me and I don't think I will ever get used to that trait we've acquired thanks to Social Media.

Someone had a drug problem, a drinking problem, drove too fast, had an accident, got cancer, died of old age...we all have had friends and family that experienced the same and it is never, not once...funny.

I don't think I am too mature for the internet, but I think I am at times a great deal too sensitive.