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Monday, August 8, 2016

Review of the Mitaki LED Lantern

I love antiques and I would love to have a house filled with gaslights and old lace, but I do not think my modern need for electricity and the internet goes with it. 
So what do you do.... well I found this adorable little lantern that looks like a classic copper gaslight, but it is actually a battery powered adjustable LED light that runs on four AA batteries and only costs $11.95.

Look at this thing, I love it!!!
Usually when I get things to test out at a discount I talk about how functional they are and if they work...but I really love this and am so glad to add it to my office decor and on top of that, think of all its uses in cosplay or at Halloween. 

For $11.95 Amazon Prime members can get this with free two-day shipping.

I am also going to include a video of me using the lamp so you can see the bright LED lantern and how it adjusts.

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