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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Review: CNAAN Shea Butter Vanilla Patchouli Lavender

Did I find a proper way to say goodbye to the horrors of dry and scratchy summer skin???
Will this body butter actually appease someone who loathes lotion and really dislikes anything that is sticky or leaves a residue?
Does it actually smell like a mixture of vanilla, patchouli, and lavender....
Or is this another lotion/ cream that I buy and never use again....

Summer brings especially daunting challenges for people who want soft skin, but spend a great deal of time outside like I do. I do not particularly like body lotions and things along that line because they are greasy and do not absorb well. I decided to try this shea body butter instead of a traditional lotion to see if I could get added moisture without grease and containing sufficient absorbing power. What I found when I tried this butter was it was super thick...butter is the right description. That being said, it goes on rather easily without sticking and it absorbs quickly into the skin leaving no greasy residue and a soft and silky feeling on my skin. The lavender, vanilla, and patchouli mixture produces a really relaxing, warm, and pleasant smell that I adore. I really wish I could buy body spray or even a shower cleanser in this fragrance, it is that wonderful and one of the major draws of this product. Finally, this body butter is not a torrid collection of bad chemicals.... it is parabens and paraffin free, which means you get a soft and silky result more naturally. Overall I found the butter to be a great rescue for dry summer skin, still a bit thick for my likings, but I understand that the thickness is part of its appeal. 
This was an honest and unbiased review in exchange for receiving the body butter at a discounted price. 

For the price.... less than fifteen dollars, its really useful.

Shea Body Butter Enriched with Coconut Oil & Organic Shea Butter - Vanilla Patchouli Lavender - No Parabens, No Paraffins, No Sls/ Sles CNAAN - Made By Nature

Price: $13.99 with free two-day shipping for all amazon prime customers. 


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