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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Product Review: Lift Care Essential Oils Super Vitamin C+ Serum

I am thirty-nine years old now and no longer able to ignore the tiny signs of aging that have begun to pop up daily. For years, I have attempted to take care of my skin, but with oily and sensitive skin, a great many of the moisturizers out there just truly weigh my skin down and make the wrinkles I do have seem more noticeable and my skin droops in ways that I am not happy with. I have looked for new ways to keep my skin tight, youthful, and healthy without using something that essentially just sits on my skin and does nothing. I read a few other blogs talking about the usefulness of oils and serums, things that the skins absorbs at a faster rate and thus does not leave your skin heavy with product. One member of my family recommended serums that included Vitamin C and so I began to look. Today I am going to talk about my experience with a Super Vitamin C+ Serum released by Lift Care Essential Oils, I used it for about two weeks and had pretty positive results.

Item: Lift Care Essential Oils Super Vitamin C+ Serum
Where to find it: Amazon
Price:  $14.95 with free two-day shipping for all Amazon Prime subscribers
Link to Product: HERE

I found the serum to be smooth, quick absorbing, and not sticky... things I really worried about when trying the serum.  I  loathe things that linger on the skin and also things that make my skin feel sticky....who wants to walk through the summer heat with sticky skin all morning, not me.  This stuff goes on quick, absorbs without an issue and leaves no residue except a nice and fresh scent. I found my skin felt tighter and looked younger after application and truly think that adding a serum to my routine would be super beneficial.

I also found that having a serum that is filled with natural ingredients and organic ones made me feel more comfortable and less worried about harmful chemicals.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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