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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Product Review: The Bright Outdoors Bike Light

Bicycle Safety includes looking out for yourself in every situation, even if you are going to use your bike at night. 
For this... a durable and reliable bike light is a MUST.

Today I am looking at a USB recharging and multi-use bike light by the folks at Bright Outdoors.

This Bike Light comes with a bonus taillight and head torch band, making the lights more useful than just one single function and enabling the biker to cater the bike light to their own personal routine. 

The Lights are USB chargeable. 
They use LED power
They are water resistant
and they have a multitude of brightness modes to fit your needs.
six to be exact....
These lights are very simple to use and install, they have easy to use attachments that can snugly fit on a bike and be removed with ease, thus you do not have to worry about fumbling with a hard to use attachment in order to get the right bike light at the time of need.

All you have to do is...
Plug in your light via USB and charge them.
Attach the silicone straps to the location on the bicycle that you want to use.
To start using the main light you use the red button to choose between functions and then hold down the red button to turn the light off.
If you want to use the light as a head torch you simply attach it to the head apparatus and go.
The silicone straps are sturdy and snug, ensuring that you have a tight fit that will not move during vigorous runs.

The Light beams with 200 lumens and will last up to six hours on a two hour charge.

The Bright Outdoors Bike Light only costs $14.95 with free two-day shipping for all amazon Prime customers.
Get it HERE

I received this bike light at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion, I was not paid for this review.

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